Monday, July 09, 2007

The Circle of Life or Something

Well, the possibility that Alan can join us for festivities the night of Theron's birthday looks really good. It is a Wednesday, but Alan's mommy suggested a location near their house that will make it easier for them and Ash and I would drive anywhere to see those two together. One more suggestion for a gift would be the video called James and the Giant Peach. We checked it out of the library this weekend and he is just falling all over himself - he acts out the scenes, it's so funny.

Saturday I actually left the house by myself to go to a concert with the intern extraordinaire, Rebecca. The headliner was the Decemberists with the LA Phil, playing with Band of Horses and Andrew Bird. We went to see Andrew Bird, but the rest of the show was great, too. It was at the Bowl so both of us went to the Bowl two times in one week. We bought the cheapest seats and we were in the LAST row, but it was really fun. We brought a bottle of wine and the night was beautiful. Also Rebecca is really funny and inspiring. Lately she's been re-doing all her clothes, either tailoring them or dyeing them. She has a cauldron-sized pot. Last week she did indigo. I love Rebecca because I have a lot of ideas but they're not fleshed out. Rebecca can take a good idea and run with it. She's actually helping me work on a project I've had on the backburner for years. Anyway... There were a bunch of 16 year old girls next to us, obviously the Decemberists biggest fans. They must have stopped at Trader Joe's on the way. The had two bottles of sparkling water sodas, a bag of chips, a whole angel food cake they were eating out of the container and a large jar of what looked to be spaghetti sauce, though I'm sure it was salsa, it was funnier to imagine it was sauce. They were dancing on the bench in their high heels and singing along. Like the old and practical person I guess I am now, I said we had to leave when the encore started to ensure an easy exit and the girls were very sweet about letting us by. It gives me hope, there are good kids out there.

Sunday we found a baby bird that had fallen out of a nest. At first I thought it was dead, then it sat up and shook its head like a miniature marionette. While I was on hold waiting to talk to someone at animal control I touched the baby with the antennae of the portable phone. I did this because I (MISTAKENLY I now know) thought if you touch a baby bird with your hands the moms will reject them. This turns out not to be true, touching the bird is not bad for them, but it might be bad for you. The instant I touched him about 100 teeny, tiny mites swarmed over the phone. So I hung up. The phone is now in a plastic bag to make sure I actually got them all. In the meantime we went inside to see about making a little nest out of a butter container and some paper towels, but he didn't make it. Fortunately we were able to keep Theron out of the whole thing. We wondered if maybe the fact that the baby was crawling with mites had something to do with why he ended up on the ground or that he didn't survive it for long. But it was still sad.

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