Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Second grade is still going well. Theron says his teacher tells them he was in the Navy. Here are some things Theron has recently learned: how to use the shift key to make capital letters on the computer. He has also learned how to burp on command. You can imagine how proud and amused Ashley and I are. We also thought he learned how to wash his hair by himself because he got out of the bath the other day with a wet head, and when I asked why he didn't call me to come do his hair he said he got a bar of soap and did it himself. This we were proud of and Ashley said it should go on the blog and Theron said "Yes! It should say www dot Theron Can Wash His Own Hair dot com!" Only I watched him in the tub tonight and it looks like this lesson is still a long way from learned - but that's okay, one thing at a time.

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