Sunday, November 11, 2007

Looking Good

Hopefully it's not too soon to declare second grade a successful move, but the first week went great. He seems to be keeping up with the work and he's making friends. It's a big relief. I couldn't believe the week all this change happened was also the week I needed to go to a conference in D.C., but Ash and Theron did great together. I called one day to ask what he learned at school and he said, "Seeds germinate". We really like the teacher. We think he is ex-military. There is a lot of structure to their day and really, that's what our puppy needs.
D.C. was good. My colleague, Naomi, and I stayed with Emily, of course. Emily who takes such good care of everyone with lots of food, drink, maps, advice. The only problem was that we were cold. We were freezing everywhere. I think it was just impossible to comprehend the difference when packing because LA is still hot enough to require the air conditioner in the car. When I came home Saturday I put on shorts to go to Theron's soccer game. The last night we were there it actually started to rain and that about put us over the top. Those are not rain drops, those are our tears. This was in contrast to other conference attendents such as the one from Alberta who said she was taking pictures of trees because they still had leaves.
The conference was held in an auditorium at the National Gallery. At lunch break the first day Naomi was in a gallery and she ran into a friend of ours from work, the former head of exhibits who moved to North Carolina last year. Eric is one of those people who is well loved and much missed. I wonder if there has ever been so much screaming in the National Gallery. We actually ran into him again the next day. It was meant to be.
I had a little time to myself the first day and I looked in NMAI, the Hirshhorn, Air and Space... It was great, but also sad because I missed my guys. I really don't want to look at art without Ashley. I really don't want to look at dinosaurs without Theron. So we just all have to go together next time.

Once I got home I had about 45 minutes to shower and change for the soccer game, and wrap presents for Alan because we had to run up to Santa Clarita immediately after the game for his birthday party at Sky City.

They still love each other. It was a very happy thing.

Here's another shot from Halloween.

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