Friday, November 02, 2007

This year Theron decided to be the classic animated version of Underdog. We left the costume till the last minute because basically Underdog just wears a big t-shirt and a blue cape. I didn't think much about the face. I kind of thought about ears but part of me imagined painting his nose black. As if I had already forgotten the fit he threw just a few weeks ago over ball point pen on his back. Ashley saved the day with a block of ethafoam and his expert carving skills. Ashley even bought pantyhose to cover it. Here's Theron at his school parade.
Ashley has more and better pictures which I have to download from his camera still. Theron said everyone loved his costume and thanked us so much for making it. Like the tights? They are from the girl's section at Target, I just cut the feet off. I thought I was going to have to sew something, I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner.
Here's George at the parade doing a little dance.
During trick or treating that night we discovered that a boy in his class lives practically across the street. They went around together and found a haunted house. Another place had a bowl of candy with a hand that grabs you and says Happy Halloween! Theron only collected enough candy to fill his bucket then he came home to give out treats himself like the good host that he is. Thankfully for all of us there was no homework, and we have leftover Milk Duds.
Work is fine for both of us. Ashley has made some great progress talking to people about various projects he's been trying to get underway for ages. I got a new, young volunteer who is enthusiastic and energetic. I tell her to cut up paper labels and she says, "I LOVE to do stuff like that!" I showed her how to surface clean objects and she says, "I LOVE to clean objects!". We tell her to tape up boxes and guess what, she LOVES to tape up boxes! It's the cutest. What a huge relief to have someone around who WANTS to help AND does such a nice job at everything she's given. I can't wait for the day to write her letter of recommendation.

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