Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't answer the phone.

It's just someone telling you if you want to vote No you need to vote Yes - or something like that. Or they want to connect you to your senator's office so you can repeat what you've just been told to say.

Look at this instead. How many of us in the 21st century have seen needle lace work in progress? I saw this at work this week and it's so amazing. I want to try it. (In my copious free time!!!)
The design is sketched out on paper or stiff cloth. The lacework is anchored down to the backing which will be removed later by snipping the stitches on the back.

I had never thought about how this was done and when I saw this piece it took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at. I think it's kind of thrilling to imagine all the images you could conjure up in lace. Imagine a Spiderman with a bunch of webs all around. Tres jolie!

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