Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year

This year, as usual, we had our annual seafood pigout, and maybe all that holiday overeating or the fact that Ash was feeling a little down, we actually had left over crab. It's unheard of, I tell you. We celebrated the new year at 9, to correspond with new year's in New York, and went to bed. Silly us, we thought we'd be asleep by midnight, but we forgot about all the illegal fireworks that appear on our street absolutely every holiday.
Theron's new computer games are a big hit. He actually spends a lot of time with the educational game which, in addition to math and spelling, have taught him to compose pictures and play music. Then when he's done with that it's on to Harry Potter. He was taking a walk around the castle yesterday and I asked him where he was going. He said he was just taking a walk since he doesn't really go to Hogwarts, he wanted to have a look around. Then he showed me the Great Hall. "This is where the headmaster sits" he says. Then he waved his wand around the chair, and says, "Next time Dumbledore sits down he's gonna really burn his butt, man."

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