Sunday, January 27, 2008

In spite of fear my cello teacher talked me into joining orchestra.
"It's fun", he says.
"It's fun", I repeat. "No one cries?"
"No", he says.
"There are going to be children there who can do this better than I can."
"No. Well, yes, that's true."
But I went and actually, yes, it was fun. In spite of how awful everything sounds right now, getting started, it's easy to imagine how wonderful it will be to have everything come together. Even out of tune and out of rhythm it was pretty great. I have a terrible time with keeping beat but Ashley says nothing fixes that faster than playing with other people. I didn't count but there are more than 20 of us. I am the oldest next to the teacher. Some of the kids are really good and some of them are like me. I think it will be okay. It's another weekend commitment but Ashley and I think this is a way for me to improve my overall skills and it's not forever.

Sunday we went to Costco where Theron saw a fort play set. "I need that to put in the front yard so I can go there when I need privacy."
"What? You have a whole room with a door you can close, how much privacy do you need?"
"But my room is too small and crowded."

"I think that means you have too much stuff. Or you could just clean it up."

"I can't clean up that much! My goodness, it's your house!"

Here's another book review, I'm almost done with this one. The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross. In this story computers and mathmatics can open doorways to alternative worlds where brilliant as well as idiot monsters are waiting to come through. The hero works for The Laundry, a government agency that deals with these things. The book is full of exciting and gruesome encounters. The hero may kill a tentacled creature that is trying to kill him and his new lady friend, but instead of thanks he is hounded by accounting who want him to explain why he came in late and to fill out the necessary paperwork justifying the expense of cleaning up the mess.

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