Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Ask Me About My Voodoo Doll"

For several months Theron's been playing an online Pirates of the Caribbean game. One can earn several different types of weapons and for what seems like ages he's been just dying to get a crew together to go to Cuba for a voodoo doll. It is all he talks about. Well, finally this week he got his wish, and oh man, if you ever wondered if you wanted or needed a voodoo doll you should talk to this kid. I know he's excited because normally when he goes on and on about something and I don't at least try to make convincing sounds of interest he'll stop to tell me that I'm only pretending to care and now's the time to make it real. In this case I don't even have to nod my head, all I have to do is direct his little body to the next destination, allowing me to save up all my fake enthusiasm for Ultimate Boxing. (And Ashley saves all his fake enthusiasm for cute Japanese dolls) (And I love him for it).

So great is the excitement that I've been asked to make a voodoo doll. I told him I'd have to think about that, I can just imagine the parent/teacher conference. He has already asked me about this so many times I had to tell him that he would get his answer in a week. And everytime he asks me about it I will add another day to the wait. So I had lunch with Naomi today and started to tell her this story. I only got as far as saying that he had earned this new weapon when Naomi says, "Oh, do you want a voodoo doll?" And I said, "Wait - you have one?" and she says, yes, she had bought one for a gift but now she was just looking to get rid of it. So sometimes the universe decides these things for you. Thanks to some totally random story telling he'll get his doll MINUS the pins but if he gets caught using it for evil, it's out of here.

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