Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, so yes, I had a birthday, too, and it was very nice. I was going around saying I didn't need anymore birthdays, thank you, and then it occurred to me that what if something happened to me and that was the last thing people remembered me saying? It wouldn't be so funny anymore. So, that's okay, I'll take many more and I'll like them. Ashley promised to be the sole diswasher for the next month, a gift I would never dare have wished for, and Theron gave me the mirror and comb compact he got in his Speed Racer Happy Meal, also known as "the worst prize ever". Dads and Moms also did things they didn't have to, but I do appreciate it though they do so much for us year round it really isn't necessary. Most surprising, my intern made me an accordian book for keeping a scrapbook of my crafty ideas - I was speechless, it was so unexpected.
The boys and I went out for a lovely French dinner in Silverlake. We had mussels, and steak, and ratatouille, and escargot. Theron kept saying how it was Not Normal to eat snails! but we split them 3 ways and he ate his share, happily learning to master the tongs and fork. The ratatouille was very good, but we didn't see the rat chefs who made it. I think they were at my work eating the electrical cords and plastic ant traps.

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