Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Iron Men Reunited for yet another superhero adventure. The movie was pretty good (well, okay, it was great, I love that Robert Downey, Jr.). The best part was seeing these two together again. Oh, and the air conditioning, that was good.

Monday Theron had a dentist appointment to get a cap. We walked in and Theron ran to the room. They sat him right away and before I could ask the receptionist what I needed to do he was reclined in front of the video screen, being offered a choice of gas flavors (he chose strawberry). I asked the dentist what does the gas do to him, I've never had any. He said, "Oh, it's like having a margarita or two". Then he says, "So when he gets the shot instead of this", and he stabs at the air with his finger making an evil face, "it's like this", and he pokes me gently in the arm. I thought I might have a nervous breakdown having to overhear the procedure, but I didn't have to worry. He was flying high and the worse part for them was getting him to stop talking. They were telling him all kinds of crazy stories, like we're going for a hike around your tooth and then we're going to put a silver hat on it. Theron was like, "Whaaaaaa....? Whooo Hooo! Sponge Bob's coming on!!!"
Then he stumbles off the chair, plays a game of Donkey Kong, and angrily sorts through the treat basket. He was bombed. He chose a whoopie cushion and while he drank his Jamba Juice smoothie, dr's orders, made an elaborate plot to get Daddy with it, and then conked out in the car. The whole thing was over in about a half an hour, I didn't even get to finish reading People's Most Beautiful issue.
We want to wish Grandpa Flip a happy birthday today. We want to wish Grandma Mary happy birthday for tomorrow. We love you both!

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