Thursday, June 05, 2008

Molly and Ozge examine the swatch books

Here are some pictures from the graduation last night. I'm really proud of the gift packs I made and they went over really big. They contained things like Acryloid B-72, PVA AYAA, Methyl Cellulose, little dropper bottles of acetone and ethanol, etc.

I cut the holes in the foam using a hole saw attachment (in the words of a fellow conservator) 'in a way you don't supposed to use it' because I couldn't figure out how you really use the things, but Ashley cleared it up for me. The real way involves a drill bit - my way involved heat and poisoning my coworkers. I wish I had known because it would have been a) faster and b) cleaner. I think I'll have to throw those bits out now. Ashley gave each of the students a materials swatch book that he has been working on which are very beautiful and the perfect thing for the newly graduated conservator. Even though my third year intern has graduated I get to keep her for a while longer and we're both very happy about it because she has started all kinds of important new projects and she becomes more valuable by the day. And I would be so lonely without her.

Tonight we went to see our friend Sage perform. Theron got out on the dance floor and gave his best kung fu/Spiderman web throwing moves. Daddy and I danced together for the first time in ages and I fell in love with him all over again.

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