Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So many things happen in June. We're just counting the days now till the end of the school year. We don't know how on earth we're going to be ready for this kid to be a 3rd grader in what, 3 or 4 months. He's doing multiplication now and he's doing it really well - how did this happen?

June is the month we have our Volunteer Recognition Luncheon at work and we have the greatest volunteers. Dennis, who is everywhere helping everyone drove my intern and me to look at our offsite records storage the other day and he has a beautiful Lexus. We just ooohed and ahhhed about it. I said, "I hope someday I can have a nice car like this, Dennis, instead of the Consumer Reports economy car Best Buy!" and he pulled over and offered to let us drive. Of course we said NOOO! No way. What if something happened? Then he wouldn't love us anymore. Or he would but we would be unworthy.

June is also graduation and the local conservation students had their thesis presentations today at UCLA. 4 out of the 6 have been interns with me over these last 3 years so I went to give my support. Tomorrow is their graduation and I made them all little kits of adhesives and solvents in cute little bottles in plastic flip-top boxes. I like to add a little touch of Martha to everything I do.

There's a lot of excitement here for all the movies coming out this month, too. Theron is COMPLETELY Hulk crazy. He even found the old Hulk tv series on Netflix "view instantly" and I found him in there watching it this weekend. Though he told me, that's not the REAL Hulk, he looks like a human. "And his hair is wrong!" He wasn't diggin' the Bill Bixby shag. He spent the afternoon today with Mike who was able to convince him that the tv Hulk is "Classic" Hulk. And we like him now. Anyway, he's taken to running around the house with no shirt on saying things like, "HULK TAKE BATH NOW!"

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