Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Stay-cation

Ash needed some time alone today so Theron and I took a little trip right here at home, to Hollywood. We saw Speed Racer. The verdict: we liked the part where he fought the ninja and pulled his pants off. But the mom says it was toooo long. Whose idea was it to make a kid's movie over 2 hours long? Then we walked around the Chinese Theater looking at the footprints and getting pictures taken with various superheros and characters. Of course you tip them.

Darth Vadar said to give the money to Leia
. I hope Spiderman uses his dollar to buy some Shout.

The bird gave Theron a kiss, too.

We liked how this Batman looked Adam West-y.

Optimus Prime and Ironman gave us the most value for our money. We saw Spongebob, too, but I told Theron we were out of dollars.

Then we went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditorium. I guess I knew what to expect but it still made me a little uncomfortable. I'm just glad Theron didn't hang around to read all the labels. They had one of those things that looks like a big funnel and you're supposed to race a dime, nickle and quarter to see which is faster. We did a dime and a nickle. The dime won. I said, "I wonder why" and he says "It won because it's worth more". We saw video of the tallest man ever born and a stuffed two headed goat. Theron kind of looked around and said, "The question about everything is 'how did this happen?'"

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