Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did you know that your seat belts are covered under your car's powertrain warranty? Did you know that they're covered even if someone broke one of them by wedging a Skittle in the buckle and you disclose it to the dealership?

Slowly we're unpacking and arranging our new life. We really like it here, it's so lovely and quiet. This weekend we got rid of even more old stuff. It makes me feel really good to know that someone else's little one will have one little thing they need. So many people have helped us along the way, we feel grateful to give it back when we can.

Theron starts school next week. He's a little apprehensive about going to a new place and leaving camp - change is hard. The realization of all these changes has caught up with him this week and he's feeling it, but we keep assuring him it will be great because we know it will be. He started soccer practice and maybe some of these kids will be at his school and maybe some of them live nearby and we can have playdates and a regular life. And he's so cute and grown up. His other front tooth is coming in but for now they're so big in proportion to his face, I told Ashley when I see him in profile, arguing some case or another to his Daddy, he looks like a bratty little squirrel.

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