Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Next Chapter

Ashley said today that he doesn't really need to make any more trips to the old house unless he wants to, so the next phase begins. Normally I get really attached to things and places, I think Ashley does, too, but somehow this feels okay. Leaving Echo Park is okay. Though the neighborhood is changing it's still not great for kids and where we are now, is, so as far as we're concerned that's what counts for all of us at this point.
Now the big sort begins. We've thrown away and given away so much already, but surely more can go, and again, we're ready. We have a covered patio and boxes are there awaiting attention. By the way, I had put out some very nice baby things on the sidewalk last week. Theron was distraught. But the next day, on the way to day camp, he said we should drive by to see if anyone took them. "I hope so" he said. And they were gone. Theron said "Yay!" And that gives us hope about what he's learning from all of this.
The change is good and we're really happy.
What we have learned:
- The Bissell Little Green Machine tackles stains like you wouldn't believe. THANKS, MOM!
- The public library has the forms for changing your voter registration.
- You can print out official change of address forms from the DMV website.
- You can actually do a change of address through the U.S. Post Office on their website and to verify your identity they charge one dollar on your credit card.
- Little kids can help by: Putting things in the shredder, with you close by; wipe things with a spray bottle and paper towels; vacuum a little; take things to the trash or recycle; water the plants.

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