Thursday, August 07, 2008

Theron says today, "Thank God for the weekend 'cause I need a break!"
This is what Theron's week is like: One day a week they go to the beach. Two days a week they go to the public pool. Wednesdays they take a field trip; last week it was Knott's Berry Farm. He says he doesn't like going to the beach. Do you know why? Because it's too sandy, that's why.
In the meantime Ashley and I have been taking daily trips to the old house trying to sort and pack and it just looks like a tornado went through. It's so easy at first to put books and cds into boxes and label everything. But now we just stand there not knowing what to do. Just looking around for like items - I don't know. Here's a chicken, a cup of pennies, the library book I convinced the library to take off my account because I swore I remembered returning it. I do remember returning it, and yet here it is in my house. Now I'm going to have to smuggle it back in.

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heisenbergwk said...

hahahahahaha, theron is like me! i don't like the beach either b/c it is way too sandy for my taste. i'll stick to the pier.