Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not... Complaining

Theron this week:

- Me: Are you going to have a good day?
Theron: How am I supposed to know, I'm not a fortune teller!

- Theron to our receptionist at work after calling me 3 times, "Tell me if this is getting old".

-Theron climbing in the car on a hot day, "Must. Survive. Not. complaining."

I'm not complaining either but ahem, I do have a few words about crafting with a purpose. Not being a business person really there has been a lot to learn. Such as figuring out how much materials cost. I can add and divide and figure out what each finished product costs, in the abstract. What I didn't figure was how much stuff gets lost in the carpet, how many perfect pieces get ruined because the sewing machine sucked them into the bobbin case, how many things get lost in the house and I have to replace them so I can keep working. Then, estimating my time, I can figure it takes an hour to do something but I wasn't figuring the time to rip it out and start over, losing my templates and having to cut another, having to take the sewing machine apart because it sounds like a guinea pig who spotted a head of lettuce.

It's hard, too, because now that we've explored the wonder that is the fabric district, not just the big stores, but the little ones with boxes stacked to the ceilings, I've found wonderful things that give me ideas that must be put on hold. For instance, I found this one place that has every kind of elastic in every color you can imagine. I can't even tell you where my mind goes with this stuff.

Anyway, must. work. still. happy.

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