Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ash and I survived another workshop. I thought, oh great, I have my presentation from last year I can just build on and ha, ha, it was gone! Not totally gone, of course, but just a shell of what the final became so I basically had to rebuild. The day before we were to go to San Francisco I realized I left my camera at work with pictures I needed to place in my Power Point. So, the next morning I left the house at 6:30, got it, and came back to insert the pictures - into the presentation I saved the day before - and left - with my notes - at work.

That means I only forgot 2 things - that's good, right???

So it was back to work, on the way to the airport.

But we did it, and because of our small world we got to see some old friends, and it was really great. Yay!

San Francisco is sooooo nice. Where else can you see Homeless Santa eating Jack In The Box? Well, these days, probably everywhere. But people are so fashionable. Nicely dressed man telling his roommate about a job interview and then choosing this moment to also remind the guy to "STOP STEALING MY POT!" "STOP STEALING MY POT!" For real, he's unemployed, give him a break!!!
George waves goodbye

You know what's fun? Flying Virgin. Love them. You can watch movies and play games and order drinks by swiping your card. Lovely and civilized. I played Mahjongg the whole way both trips.

The day before we left I noticed that the frog had been "sleeping" in the same place for a REALLY LONG TIME. And his skin was white. I flipped out. I killed him! But with only hours till our trip we didn't know what to do. 1) Replace with newer model or 2) have the toilet bowl funeral? He's in the freezer awaiting a decision. Poor George!!!

Grandpa Richard generously donated his time to watch the boys. When we got home they came out of the bedroom and both Theron and Oli danced around in circles. We craved more time in San Francisco but it's good to be home!

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