Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back From Milwaukee

Wow, that was fun! Milwaukee is so cute - there's really good food, nice people, and we all agree it seems a very live-able place. Plus, anywhere is fun with Em. The Inherent Vice Squad reception Thursday night (Cafe Disco) was great - we had delicious food and a nice crowd. The girls went to the liquor store and got some local brews - a nice sample box of New Glarus beers only sold in Wisconsin. I walked to a grocery store called Metro Market on someone's recommendation and found beautiful food. I wonder what the maids thought because we didn't let them in until Friday. Until then we just met them at the door asking for more towels, a knife, and 20 hangers.
Liz made us the cookies and we gave them out as party favors.

Oz cuts up the mixed rye. In front of her are cheese curds, mozzarella strings, cheddar and summer sausage, all local. And oh so delicious. I brought cheese home and Theron's been walking around laying claim on the rest of the curds and declaring his love for "Wisconsin cheese".

Some products out, getting ready for the customers. The laptop is there because we live-broadcast on Ustream.

When you have a camera going people start doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do.

Professional ladies with good jobs turn out to have dance moves and hand gestures to I Saw The Sign and I Like Big Butts.
After Cafe Disco Emily and I walked back to her hotel and stopped at a greasy spoon for real food. It reminded me of when Em and I would wander around the Lower East Side looking for french fries. I had a BLT. The waitress asked if I wanted butter or mayonnaise. I hesitated. She says, "Oh, girl, butter AND mayonnaise is SO good!" so that's what I got.
The next day during break Em and I went back to the cheese store and the sausage store. Then I tried not to cry as I packed my bag and she walked me to the lobby. I kind of still feel like tears are there, but it's nice to be home. It's a good home.

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