Monday, May 31, 2010

'Remember lad, whatever doesn't kill you usually succeeds in a second attemp' , Mr, Krabs to Spongebob as told to me by Theron so it may not be exact

I've decided I always need at least 3 days off in a row. The first day is for sleeping. Hopefully everyone in the house has been briefed on the 'if the eyes are closed DO NOT TALK to the person on the bed' rule. The second day is for getting our stuff together. And the third day is for getting things done.
And oh, my was the weekend relaxing, napping and having conversations like, 'does the dog try to French you?' (my answer was no, why?). Our baby bird is in an apparent growth spurt which added a non-relaxing element to the holiday. We always want to get the food in him so it's a happy time, but busy. They say (wrongly, believe me!) that a mother can distinguish the sound of her baby's cry in a crowd. This is what my baby's cry sounds like: "MOM???!!!! I need FOOD!!! "
Then again an hour later. 'Didn't I just give you food?'
"Yes, but I'm STARVING!!!!"
All right, all right, since you asked so nice. Why can't you get your own food, how old are you???

Anyway, here are some pictures from work.
Feathered head bands from the Amazon

Sweet little doll
Pomo basket
Plains doll

Details from a muslin drawing

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