Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not so bad When Ashley called me at work and said not to panic, I did not. He did say that the nurse at school thought Theron would need stitches. So I drove over, calmly. Theron seemed fine and he was. We discussed what might happen next and this is what we came up with. He would get a shot in the head, he would scream, then the doctor would put his head under a sewing machine. Maybe add a button. I promised him a toy and ice cream.
But lucky for all of us the doctor was able to tape it up. Theron did scream, but it was not. that. bad. Then of course he wanted the payoff that I downgraded to a smaller toy and an icee on the way out of Target.
It turned out he was running at recess and he had turned around to see if the girls were chasing them when a bench jumped up and smashed him in the head.
Weekend projects included making an Underdog costume, knitting a scarf

Carving pumpkings - maybe a little too early

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