Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The best thing ever happened Saturday when Grandma Mary and Grandpa Richard were able to come for a soccer game! Saturday morning Theron told me, "Well, actually, I'm not that happy about soccer today, but I am excited that Grandma and Grandpa are coming". The Green Hawks got their butts kicked, but hey, that team, the Elemonators (lemons, get it?) were really good. Though we did have one kid on our team that day just doing everything and being everywhere. Two more of him and we would have aced it. Ash and I brought snack and when the coach said, What do you say to Mr. and Mrs. McGrew? they said thank you, but I know they were really thinking The other team got Cheetos.

For dinner we went for Indian food and Theron ate it up very well. That kid loves spinach and that is why he is all muscle and energy.

Today Theron and I went for a visit to Lumbini and all the little kids came running up, Theron! Theron! Theron, look at me, I'm in kindergarden now! He looked tall and he looked happy. Theron's first month of public school has been bumpy but Miss Leslie gave us both some good advice and told us to call and come back anytime because we are family now. She had to give me the box of tissue.

Still no check from the gas distributor for the violation of Layla, but check it out - after all the work she actually gets slightly better mpg and I calculated that at this rate the repairs will have paid for themselves in about 17 years. Less if gas keeps going up. So that's the good news.

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