Thursday, October 25, 2007


I got new glasses last week but I don't have any acceptable pictures so here's Theron in his. I like the Harry Potter in Dad's underwear pic. I've been needing to update my prescription for years so now seeing is kind of a weird experience. One thing I complained to Ashley about is that I have to hold things away from me and that it seems unnatural. He told me that what is unnatural is holding things 2" from your face.
Theron went back to the doctor yesterday for a little x-ray. He has a persistant sniffle that we were hoping the allergy testing would clear up, but the doctor thought we should look for an obstruction. Ash says he was good except he didn't like seeing that his skeleton was smiling even though he wasn't. Ashley says what was so interesting about the whole thing was that you could see his permanent teeth lined up behind the babies. We don't know anything about results, though, we'll have to wait for the doctor to tell us.
I can't believe Halloween is next week! I guess that means I'll be spending the weekend working on an Underdog costume. The costume I've been putting off because I claim it will be easy. This year instead of fretting over which candy to give out Ashley and I just bought one of everything.

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