Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Allergy Free?
So it would seem. Theron got tested for common food and environmental allergens and nothing came up. All they do is prick your skin but Theron screamed bloody murder. After it was all over he said it was nothing, no big deal. Thank goodness again for the Ipod - 3 short episodes of Birdman and he was all done. Frankly, I think the most upsetting part about the whole ordeal was that they wrote on him with ball point pen. Theron has what our friend Kelly calls Bic-a-phobia. I wonder if the doctor will charge us for the extra swabbing.
The big red spot is the control, histamine. See what I mean about the pen? He had a conniption.
The other thing that happened in our house Sunday was a green crayon-ectomy from the dryer, reminding us that we've hit the check the pockets before laundry years. I'm not sure, but I think only my clothes were damaged, which was why I was so motivated to undertake this surgical procedure.

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