Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eight Years

On the phone with Daddy

Happy anniversary to us! We got to say it to each other in person this morning and now Ash is in Denver. My trip went fine. I could add some more laments, but really, things were just normal bad. The unexpected good part was that all four legs of my flights were either exactly on time or 10-15 minutes early (Southwest). Hmm. That kind of drains all the complaints right out of me. When we got to Denver the flight attendant made sure we knew to be thankful - "We're early - remember that next time we're running late". Then the "Bong" went off indicating we were allowed to get up and she growls in her saucy Southern drawl, "Okay, Get Out!"

The conference was unexpectedly good. The talks were nearly all very interesting and useful. My favorite part though was seeing Rachael, Rebecca, Marian, Susan, Molly, Arnaldo, and staying with Ozge and Vanessa. Rebecca gave me one of the gorgeous leather cuffs she's been working on. I got everyone to try on the prototype toolbelts I've been designing, and they've agreed to field test my first completed batch. The last night there we went for Peruvian food and on the way back to the hotel Vanessa exclaimed that a new episode of Lost was on so we hurried back to curl up in our pajamas and watch tv until midnight.

Rebecca's tooled and painted creation

The boys did just fine. Mike picked Theron up from school two days in a row and they had a grand time. They watched Jurassic Park on video, ate Happy Meals, and went to a birthday party. Mike is a lifesaver.

Anyway, at least Ash and I were both here when Theron lost his first top front tooth. Someone elbowed him in the mouth. It's kind of like a tradition.

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