Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Science Times

Remember when I asked you guys to save me chicken bones? Well now Ashley's asking you to save us road kill. Preferably fresh and ideally a raccoon or possum. But a deer or a squirrel would be good too, thanks. We had this great idea after putting together Theron's science fair contribution where he digs up the chicken bones with dental tools and a brush, just like a real paleontologist. We did promise that we would help the rest of the class have the same experience so we were talking should we have a little box of dirt for each child or have one big dirt box they can all work on at the same time? Ashley votes for the big box. Since none of you came up with chicken bones for me, I'm not optimistic about the road kill. You don't have to touch it, just call. Come on. And then stay away from our backyard for awhile.

On a cleaner front, Theron's doing great with harmonica. Most of the lessons involve reminding him to stop fooling around, but when this happens he actually does pretty well. He told his teacher last week , "I wish I were 20. I want to be a teacher and I want to teach music just like you". The teacher swoons. Then Theron adds, "Only not as bald".

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