Monday, April 21, 2008

The Jet Setters

Something strange happened and both Ash and I got work funds to go to conferences. I go to Denver Wednesday for a conservation conference and 4 days after I get back, Ashley goes TO DENVER for a museum conference. I guess I should be happy to get to go, and I am, but I want to take a minute to complain. No, not complain, maybe lament is the word. I want to lament the days you could go to the airport and not have to stand in line "in your feet" as Theron would say. I don't like to wear socks and I really hate putting my bare feet on the same floor as all of America, or digging up a matching pair of socks just for the occasion. Also, I want to lament the days one could grab one's purse and a carry-on bag without having to clean out said purse, ridding it of knitting needles or sewing scissors and bagging anything wet or gel-ly. I don't want a clean purse. I don't budget time for cleaning out the purse into my schedule. I like my purse to be a bag of possibilities. I like to believe that when I rummage for something like a tape measure or Halloween candy it might be in there, I just can't see it. Also, I hate that I can't take my whole tube of toothpaste unless I check my bag because I can rarely find the brands I like in travel size and I end up using a Crest sample that came in the Sunday paper.

I'll have more laments on the way back.

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