Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How many times until April 15th can I say "I'll do it tomorrow?" I think we're about to find out.

On the way home tonight Theron told me some crazy story about how his teacher told them to get some chicken bones and some clay from the dollar store and make a dinosaur, or something. I said, okay, when? And he didn't know of course, but he tried to talk me into getting a chicken tonight. I said, tell your Daddy, and he said, I did, after school when he picked me up. Anyway, when we walked in the door Ash had a whole chicken cooking on the stove, because he's such a good daddy. But we still don't know anything and this happens all the time. Theron gets some bizarre assignment and we don't ever know the details. When I do ask his teacher, he tells me but then he also says, Just ask Theron, he knows. To which I would say, Have you met my son? He forgot he was wearing pants with no underwear. So anyway, we're eating chicken for dinner.

The other thing about the boy is that he seems to be entering another growth spurt and he's like a little furnance. Lately he's asking for two breakfasts - he wants oatmeal AND an egg and toast. I put healthy snacks in his bag and when I pick him up he's begging for more. That's when I say, Can I interest you in a Dr. Andrew Weil protein bar? I thought so....

I got a new intern today, she'll be coming in one day a week until June. First days are hard, but it'll be fine. She's very nice and she's an extrovert. I showed her around and she was all smiles and acceptance. Then I told her what I tell everyone, I said, Oh, and I'm not fun. I didn't mean that I'm a bitch or anything, just that I'm not cool and I'm not funny and I'm not entertaining, but I am nice and helpful. Anyway, I said I'm not fun and usually I at least get a laugh, maybe my only one ever, but the look on her face - I can't even decipher it. Maybe confused? I don't know. Then I wanted to say to her, See? It's started already. This absence of fun.

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