Wednesday, October 18, 2006

13 days to Halloween:

Today I picked out the candy we have to take to Theron's school for their Halloween celebration. I hate feeling like my choice of candy is a reflection on me. I want to do it right. Plus I just don't know what the kids want. I know what I want. I browsed Kmart - they had some funny gummy candies called Body Parts - eyeballs, teeth, noses - and they come in a coffin-shaped box. I couldn't do it because to me they didn't look like they would taste good, but maybe I'm wrong and maybe the kids don't care anyway. I ended up getting Nerds because they come in cute white and orange boxes. The parents at his school are kind of competitive. He's had some pretty impressive gift bags celebrating his classmates' birthdays. Look at these beautiful gummy candies he recently got:

My dad sent me the obituary of my Grandma Hope's first cousin, Chuck Rio (Danny Flores), who was famous for writing and performing the song "Tequila". This is what he didn't tell me, listen to this, "In 1957, Flores was playing with rockabilly singer Dave Burgess in a group called the Champs - named for Gene Autry's horse, Champion - for Autry's Challenge record label" !!! I am speechless - I have been six degrees separated from Gene Autry all this time and I did not know it! He performed as Chuck Rio and the Champs.

Here's a nice picture Theron did today. He draws a lot, everyday. He is a true artist. I'm curious why he misspelled "Green" because he's known that word for a long time. Oh, well, he's doing a lot of writing currently.

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