Saturday, October 07, 2006

Welcome to our family blog. We are out of touch with our loved ones too much of the time - join our mundane existence in sparkling detail!
This month we are in recovery from a stomach flu that attacked each of us in turn: first Theron, then mommy, then daddy. Each of us were sick for a week. The only perk was the hope of losing some useless water weight and maybe a few pounds of actual fat, but after we felt better we could not stop eating. In fact now our stomachs were wracked with pain if lunch was 5 minutes late.

Last night I had to work an event for my museum and was on my feet till almost 11, the bones in my feet beginning to poke through the soles of my adorable shoes. Today I went for a foot massage at the Thai spa RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from where we live. I highly recommend it and I hope that next time any of you come to visit you go yourselves. I went for a body massage last weekend - one hour $40. Unbelievable. However, next time I would only do 30 minutes because it was a little too intense for me. I think I like massages that just feel good. She put her whole body into it - her elbows were in my back, she walked on me, and she sat on my butt and pushed which made my spine sound like a bundle of breaking twigs. I felt okay unless someone touched me for about a day, but I actually do think it did something good because I had blotches on my skin from when I was sick and they started to fade.

Theron is reading like crazy - he calls it spelling , "Let me spell that for you". He loves kindergarten. Here he is in his classroom last month:

He and I finished our first chapter book. We read Stuart Little. We're on our way to the library right now to pick out another. Any suggestions for good chapter books? Stuart was actually pretty good because the chapters sort of went together, but they were sometimes single stories, which made it easy to stop after one.

Ashley has been working hard on home improvements. He's in there putting together something from Ikea, although the sounds coming from the living room lead me to believe we may not have the right thing - again. Ashley had to go do a return today because they gave him some of what he asked for and some not.

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