Monday, October 23, 2006

Countdown to Halloween - 8 days

The boys were on their own this weekend while I, my boss, and my colleague Rebecca went to Tucson for a conservation conference. It was interesting, but it was most fun seeing certain old friends. I love Tucson, it is so pretty, cactii and palo verde trees and rock gardens. Really lovely. Rebecca and I both got in trouble at security over the new fluids/gels regulations. I found myself forced to mouth off to the lady and ended up having my bags dumped and searched. Rebecca was told her shampoo and toothpaste were illegal and they were confiscated. On the way back we almost didn't make the plane because our flight was cancelled and we had to wait for volunteers to give up seats. It was a long, long day. Anyway, the boys were fine and the house was cleaner than I left it.
I had my cello lesson tonight and I learn a little more each time, but it is very humbling. My last teacher emphasized notes in tune. This teacher feels it is more important to first get the rhythm correct. It will be slow and I guess that's okay.
I heard a GREAT interview tonight on Fresh Air - it's ALWAYS great, of course, but this particular interview with Andre Benjamin, aka Andre 3000 from the hip hop duo Outkast was especially hard to turn off after parking the car. I'm going to listen to the rest of it later - have a listen.

As you all know I am officially in Christmas shopping mode, so I was delighted to browse the SkyMall magazine, looking for treasures, like this grumpy golfer wine caddy

And this lovely hidden toilet paper holder. You can paint it to match your brown bathroom. Is the bathroom brown to match the fake dead flower arrangement or the other way around?

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