Thursday, October 12, 2006

The letter "V"

Here is Theron's homework from the other night. He had to practice the letter "v" and on the back he had to draw 6 things that start with "v". He did vacation, visit, vitamins, vanish, volume, and villian - he thought of them all by himself. He said he knew how to write "hi" because it is on the show he likes "Hi 5".

Vegetables: The garden is getting its Fall makeover. I put lettuce in the raised bed and we're planning for snap peas, but there are still a bunch of things left over that are producing. The zucchini, of course. The beets are still going, as are the bell peppers and the jalapenos. Oh, and there is one watermelon that will make it to the finish line. The zucchini is so funny - I'm glad we only planted one. The day before I got sick, I watered the garden, picked everything that was ready and then didn't see it again for a week. In one week the zucchini to the right (17") and another just like it were ready to be picked. One week. I asked Ashley if I should take them to work and he said "No! It's embarrassing! They're inedible." We just ate all the ones to the left for dinner tonight.

Visitors: We had a tour today with some senior architecture students. They were politely interested in everything. When we got to the floor where the archaeological collection has recently been removed one of them noticed what looks like an old briefcase in a corner. They asked what it was and I explained that a lot of objects had been stored in things like grubby old cigar boxes. Then they really got interested - they wanted to know what happened to them. I said I think they were probably thrown away, and that's when the ruckus began. They finally settled down when I told them that maybe they had been kept - I frankly don't know - but they were ready to start looking in the dumpster.

We've actually found quite a few things like that. There was a trunk, not locked but sealed as tight as a mummy's tomb, that smelled like a litter box. It was full of random artifacts. I guess the cigar boxes aren't that bad - If we did keep them they would make good hostess gifts - one for you, and you. For this crowd it would have made their whole day. You should have seen how buoyant they were at the very idea.

Vexed: Theron got a timeout before we left for school today because he backed-talked. Then he pointed his Green Lantern ring and me and said BZZZZZZZZ. Nice try, superhero, have a seat.

Volvo: Did we tell you Rose was violated? Some junkie broke her window and stole the cheapo radio. The cop said they use them like $20's out of the atm. Ashley had to take the whole day off work, but he got a better radio - with a detachable face.

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