Monday, October 09, 2006

Night of Music:

It is Monday night in Echo Park and there is a live mariachi band playing on the porch of the house 5 doors up. Ordinarily I wouldn't think, oh, you know what would make me so happy? - mariachi music - but that's what happened. How can a live trumpet not make you happy? So I was so happy when I packed up my cello and went to my first lesson with a new teacher. Then I got there and found out they had double booked the time slot. Fortunately they rightly concluded that I had booked the time first and the other person was late anyway and I feel guilty but I concede defeat all the time. Anyway, I was back to being happy again because I learned so much - I learned a completely different way to hold my cello, to hold the bow, and to place my fingers. Then he played a Bach sonata on my cello with my bow and I COULDN'T BELIEVE it was the same instrument. So there is hope.

Some of you asked for more pictures. Here are a few. This is Theron Underwear Arms. I have no idea why. He just came out like this and asked me to take his picture.

I'm not really sure why but underwear have been the theme of the summer.

So, there you go. Now it's bedtime!

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