Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First, the car is okay now. Actually better than okay, she feels brand new and there is no lasting damage. Ashley and I went by the gas station Saturday with the bill and the guy told us it usually takes 7-10 days to get a check from the distributor. I thought, I'll believe it when I see it, and also usually? Does this happen a lot? The pump I used was not roped off and it wasn't roped off Friday either. True, I pumped it on Wednesday. Someone could have complained earlier and the problem could have been fixed. I still felt like I had to tell everyone so they can make their own decisions about whether or not to go there.

Sunday evening we went to the park behind the library in Glendale for a little barbeque Rebecca threw to celebrate her birthday and her departure from California. The food was good and it was fun, but Theron skinned both his knees and Ashley injured his so badly he had to take two days off of work. Rebecca made a pinata that she painted to look like a giant seed pod so that it would blend in with the trees and it could be "discovered". She wanted Theron to have the first shot so she asked a trivia question - Who is Spongebob's best friend? And only Theron knew the answer. We beat and beat that pinata, the string was severed twice, and we finally ended up kicking it like a soccer ball and the candy was flying all around in the dark. I said, did you use wheat paste? And she said, no, she's allergic to wheat so there was no flour in the house. Instead she used up the adhesives she had around, like wood glue.
Theron and Ashley hobbled back to the car and then our 15 minute trip home took over an hour because there was a 6 car accident on the 5 and we sat there with the engine off, eating candy and ibuprofen.

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