Friday, September 21, 2007

I was right - unfortunately

Right now I am sitting here in my (still clean!) house being very sad. Two days ago I was so proud of myself for finding time between physical therapy and Rebecca's party to actually put gas in my car before the light came on. As I drove away I thought, hmm, it feels like the brake is on! Then I had trouble starting it up. I would drive along and it felt like it would die. I told Ashley I got bad gas and he took me to the dealership the next day since Layla was due for her 25K checkup anyway. She is only 2, this month.
Of course I told the guy who checked me in and he nodded his head like, okay, lady, we'll call you. Then they told me they fixed the problem and charged me for cleaning the throttle body. I picked it up this morning and turned right back around. They called at lunch and said, oh, your fuel pump is faulty but it's under warranty. Five minutes later he calls again and says, guess what, the gas is bad, it looks like it has something like motor oil in it. So far the damage is estimated to be between $800-$1000. He actually sounded so surprised when he gave me the news - bad gas! can you believe it?
Yes, I went to the gas station and the manager said of course, it's not his fault, it's the distributor, but if I give him the invoice from the dealer saying it was bad gas they will pay for it. He also said no one else had complained. My feeling is that he was a little too agreeable and a little too un-surprised.
Right now I'm just thankful no one was hurt by the car stalling in traffic, or something. I'm thankful for the credit card. And I will be thankful if my two year old car doesn't have permanent damage from this. I will be even more thankful if the total doesn't go up any more and if the distributor makes good on this.
Oh, well.
We think Theron is sorted out in his afterschool program, but we'll give it a few more days. He's still doing okay in the new school. He likes eating breakfast in the cafeteria. He likes using a spork. He has some little friends. This is a very sweet post from Finslippy about the joys of five. Theron's six, but it fits.
The dealership just called. The cost did go up quite a little bit, but they say it's not permanent damage. Now I have to go have a headache and a glass of wine.

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