Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friendly Friday
Michael came to visit me at work. Here he is surrounded by an army of kachinas. It was a very full day already because just a few minutes before he arrived I was finishing up an interview with a reporter from the Times who is doing a story on feather conservation, and trying to get a part number to replace the thing on the vacuum cleaner that started smoking when Jackie tried to use it. For lunch we went to Phillipe's and ordered one of everything

These are so delicious.

Friday evening, after soccer practice, Theron and I went to Edendale to meet everyone for a going-away party for Susan, which was really just a see-you-later party because there's no way I won't see and talk to her, hopefully, as regularly. Theron was very curious about the photobooth, so Scott lent us some money to take a picture. In the 3rd one down I have my fingers in his armpits.

Saturday night I had to work our Gala and though I was close enough to touch Joe Pesci and Glen Campbell I didn't because I really only wanted to touch Willie Nelson, but I never got that close.

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