Sunday, September 30, 2007

Maybe since it's almost Halloween some of us are starting to think about the holidays and maybe you should know about One Laptop Per Child . It's been on NPR, and in the current issue of Newsweek that highlights ways you can help the world. They originally hoped they could produce them for $100 each, but they came in at about $188. The launch date is November 12th. The website allows you to donate one for $200 and for a very brief period of time you will be allowed to buy one for your own child for the same price. So basically you get a laptop for $400.
These laptops have been designed with the needs of the developing world in mind. They are wireless, durable, and more power efficient than any computer on the market today. They can use alternate power-charging sources such as a car battery or hand powered by a crank, a pedal or a pull cord. The screen can be turned to be used as an e-book to replace the major cost of shipping textbooks, and can be read in full sunlight because outdoor classes are common in the developing world.
It's such an amazing project, please have a look.

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